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Johnny Fierro is finally settling into the Sinclair family ranch. But as his life reaches a more even keel, the arrival of a rabble-rousing new minister in Cimarron threatens his new-found security. As the reverend sets about overseeing the closure of the bordello, Johnny realizes that his brother, Guy, is haunted by events in his own past.

Determined to save the bordello, Johnny has to bring all his most Machiavellian skills to bear He also delves into Guy’s history in the Union Army to uncover the secrets his brother is keeping. What Johnny discovers rocks his faith in his brother, even as events intertwine to lead to an explosive finish.


JD March


Chosen as the 2014 

‘Best New Western Author’

by True West Magazine

Dance With The Devil



First book of the captivating series

“The Devil’s Own”

by JD March – Now Available

An Uneasy Alliance


Now Available!

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The Star

This short series of character studies wouldn't be complete without a look at the star of the cast  - Johnny Sinclair, our conflicted anti-hero. Anyone familiar with the books will realize that, as a result of his upbringing and lack of any formal education, he is not...

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Sweet Sixteen

I thought we should take a look at Guy next. He is the elder son of Guthrie Sinclair, and we’re seeing him through the eyes of Peggy. Her father, Steen, owned a neighboring ranch and was a very close friend of Guthrie. When Steen died, leaving her an orphan, she moved...

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The Devil’s Own cast – Part 2

This is the second in the series of character studies and features a letter from Guthrie Sinclair to his brother in Britain. When Guthrie refers to “White’s”, he is referring to an exclusive club in St James, London, of which his family were members. Magdalen College...

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The Devil’s Own cast!

I thought I’d do a short series of pieces about the various characters in my novels, and I’ll be putting these out on my blog over the next few days. The Sinclairs are a diverse group with vastly different personalities and backgrounds. Everyone is affected by their...

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Heading to Tombstone

Heading to Tombstone

I bade farewell to Sedona and headed on south on roads packed with carloads of people making an early start for the holiday weekend. The scenery is spectacular with striking red rocks gradually giving way to distant mountains. The riverbeds were all bone dry and it was already well over 90 degrees at 8am in the morning when I hit Phoenix.

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The Western Novel on Tour

The Western Novel on Tour

After leaving the Western Writers of America convention on Sunday, I set off for the first leg of my tour to promote Dance with the Devil. I’m currently in Arizona after spending some time in the land of enchantment, New Mexico, where I met some really friendly people and Western fans at the Southside Library in Santa Fe and Bookworks in Albuquerque.

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Spur Award Finalist

Dance With The Devil
Spur Award Finalist For Best Western Traditional Novel!

Spur Award Finalist

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“First-time author J.D. March’s Dance with the Devil is a dynamite beginning to a new series, “The Devil’s Own” from Five Star, that will have fans placing orders for volume two months ahead of publication. March’s hero, Johnny Fierro, is a conflicted gunfighter that fans of Elmore Leonard’s outlaw heros will recognize and cheer for – even when they know he’s wrong.”

- True West Magazine

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